Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ok everyone, it will no longer be a contest. I will be doing a monthly giveaway. One lucky subscriber will win a Handy Burpee every month! All you need to do is subscribe. I DON'T bombard you with newsletters. I will hopefully start sending them monthly. I will have alot of news on the new Handy Burp'ems and where to find them along with some really helpful tips and info for other parents out there, and announce the winner for the previous month. If you don't like my newsletters, just unsubscribe. No Worries, but I hope they will be to your liking!


CONTEST coming up!

Hi everyone,
Wanted to give you all a little heads up on a contest I will be running. It is going to a random name picking one. No questions need to be answered on your part. I will pick a name from my newsletter list. So, if you want to enter, all you have to do is sign your siggy for our newsletter. I don't do them often. Yikes, right now it is like once a year, but I would like to start doing a monthly one.
I want to share with everyone all of the exciting news about our Handy Burp'ems and which retailers you can find them at. I would also like to add some helpful tips and info from feeding and burping to shopping and gift giving. It will be alot of fun, so don't miss out and go sign your siggy at near the bottom! See you there.
The contest starts now and ends on July 31st. I will give one lucky winner 3 Handy Burpees!!!! WOW! Good deal!
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